Our free resume templates can be customized to suit your needs. Most of the templates are our own design. There are a few dozen free resume templates available online, but most of them suck. A few were created in late 90s. Would you really want to walk into a job interview with a resume from a template created nearly two decades ago? Most of our free resume templates Word were created in 2014, not 1994.

Although there are numerous formats used for resumes, the most common are the Functional and Chronological. When most people think of a resume, they envision the chronological format. While certainly the most commonly used, the chronological resume imposes limitations on workers who fall outside the realm of “traditional.” If your employment history is weak, the chronological resume might not be for you. The functional resume will allow you to showcase your job skills and experiences while downplaying the chronological order of the actual jobs.

We now have over 2,000 resume templates, free and ready for download. If you’re looking for sample resumes, try our Professional Resume Templates web page. For your convenience, our resumes are listed by category and by industry.

All of our resume templates can be personalized. Simply replace the sample text with your own. The sample text has been included to give you an idea of what type of information should be included in the section. All of our resume templates are in Microsoft Word, which is the easiest program to utilize. When preparing your resume it’s important to list your skills in order of importance to a potential employer. If you spent 90% of the time at your last job doing paperwork, list that skill first if, and only if, the new job will involve extensive paperwork. List your skills in order of importance as they pertain to the job you’re applying for, not necessarily by the amount of time you spent on the particular tasks at previous jobs.

In addition to our free resume templates, please check out our resume writing tips, to help you further refine your resume.

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